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The Headstone 🪦

Hmmm today we ordered your headstone 🪦 I have to lol because why does your Daddy want to set the headstone himself 💪🏽🥰 he wants to make sure it’s right and set as soon as it’s done!

Plus you know how I am I don’t like to wait on things I want it done and done right now! Probably why I’m always out of extra money. I don’t wait on deals I just pay for it….. kinda of how I Mother! I do what needs to be done no matter the cost!

I’m sure you will approve of what we picked out, and everything that will be engraved…it’s all about you Stink! That’s it that’s all 💜❤️

#mosfearless #mosclosetstore #mahshelamommy #nobitterbats

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