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Hmmm I can’t honestly say I’ve haven’t been to 💤 I’m up and this morning I’ve had lots of smiles. Thinking about good memories…funny things you did…you were the clown of my three! As much as you annoyed your brothers as the also kept them 😂! You were the baby of the house, the baby of the daycare, and the baby of the family!

Your brothers had great responsibility when it came to you! I have to admit they did an amazing job! The loved you as much as you got on their every nerve 😂 as much as you got on their friends every nerve! And a girlfriend hmmm you hated them all! Anyone giving the slightest extra attention to them was catching all the eye rolls 🤣 period! You literally didn’t like anyone for a while!

Your children grow up and they have their own personality! You build the relationships based on that when you really want to know your children. I absolutely love all my children the same, but we all have a different relationship. It was important for me to know my kids individually as well as how they were together. The bond that can’t be broken. It might get rocky but when it comes down to it they have always had each other’s back! I know they are hurting just as much as I am…. And all Mama can do is turn to GOD! Ask for complete healing for my boys. Ask for complete healing for all the siblings! Keep loving them the way I’ve always have…. Part of us is missing but she’s here ♥️💜 Mahshela Johnson is here doing GODS work! If you take some time to look around and see all the things happening amongst you that you can’t understand or believe …you will feel her presence!

Today I’m asking for complete healing! For all wounds old and new! I know that if he didn’t have his hands on me I wouldn’t be able to make this post! I’m in deep pain, but I don’t feel the pain that I’m actually in. People always says he doesn’t put more on you than you can bare… that is not true! He pulls you through it!

Have a great Monday!

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