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September 18th

Hmmm it’s really been 4 weeks since I’ve talk to you, text you, FaceTime, you know us it’s a daily thing! If we ever went without communication for one day one of us was on the phone the next day saying “girl what you doing?” “What you doing boo boo?” “Ummm excuse me woman why haven’t I heard from you” that was us!

I don’t think you thought I worked LOL you would blow me up until I answered … I put many conference calls on mute and talk to you! They just don’t want to know…

Today I’m not feeling well. It started yesterday I’m thinking it’s a sinus infection. I’m going to try an online appointment. I know I’m congested as well. I had some herbal tea from Maria Mamah'Colbert and it helped me to breathe better, and it also took that scratchy feeling out of my throat!

I’m going to have another cup of tea 🍵 then you know it skinny brew ☕️ but I’m going to relax. I’ve been up daily doing things and I think my body needs to really relax out. I’m going to watch some of our favorite movies.

I love you Stink!

😂 I know what Will meant I keep finding these all over the place! You just ripped them off anywhere huh ? Hot ass mess!

#mosfearless #mahshelamommy #mosclosetstore #forever23 #mommyofanangel

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