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September 16th

Hmmm this morning I woke up replaying my actions after I first heard those words “she’s a candidate for not waking up” the nurse had to embrace me when I hung up the phone with the neurologist! It felt like someone reached into my chest and pulled my heart completely out! That’s that burning sensation I get every morning.

I walked out the hospital and there was Will! I broke down uncontrollably crying, begging, pleading… GOD please don’t take my baby! I don’t understand! I can’t do this! Those were my words. I just keep thinking about Will! At that moment he felt every bit of a Mother’s pain! There was a couple in the parking lot… they came over to check on us! They knew that whatever happened it was horrible!

I called Peppe Johnson that was the same day he posted his first video of the butterfly 🦋!

Samico Chilton you raised an amazing son! The maturity and love I saw in Will those days was unmatched! Will (aka Henry that’s what she called him) will always be part of my family! I love you all!

Skinny brew ☕️ right now it feels like winter and this brew is warming my body! It’s just the journey of all this! You just don’t want to know!

#mosfearless #mosclosetstore #nobitterbats #mahshelamommy

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