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Plan A, B, C, and D

This morning I would like to encourage small business owners to keep shooting!!!

Keep posting, follow up, pray, love, respect, grow your mindset , and stay positive! Everyone will not cheer you on, make a purchase, share what you have, or love a post! That’s perfectly ok because it’s always the unknown that is watching you!

Don’t give up on you! Have patience with yourself! Plant the seeds and the harvest will grow! Make space for GOD! Allow him to lead you 🙏🏽🙌🏽

I keep thinking about my current full time job! All the countless hours! Late nights and weekends! My Manager hasn’t hit my phone line. My supervisor asked me to complete work and training with a deadline the day before my daughters funeral! I’ve had to call benefits 3 times before they even acknowledged what I need them to do at this time! This is confirmation and motivation to keep going after what I need! To enjoy my time here doing what I love to do! Have a plan A, B, C, and D! No limits 💪🏽

11 years … over 25 years in the industry and it don’t mean ish when you’re a butt in a seat!

Keep it pushing!!!!

#mosfearless #mosclosetstore #nobitterbats #mahshelamommy #forever23

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