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Pink Month

“Pink Month”

After my meeting with the surgeon a referral to an oncologist was in order. A series of test basically to scan my entire body. Seems like every other day a test was being done! The one that stands out is the Breast MRI! If you’ve never had one …whew they need to warn you. A 45 minute test your breast are dropped in these holes, face down, and your butt is in the air. The machine is so loud and every time it pause you think you are done and it starts back up again! Full violation by the unknown!

The nurse lol at me because I gave her the look when it was over. She said they didn’t tell you …I said no get me the h… up out here. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

All my test came back clear. Heart, Brain, Bones, etc all in good shape. It was important to have these test to determine what my body could take and rule out any other areas. Insurance is mandatory for all this to flow the right direction. However if you don’t have it don’t let that discourage you there are multiple ways to skin the cat! But I will not lie even with insurance the co-payments were out of this world! The bills don’t stop because you are now on a cycle of dr appt for the rest of your blessed life!

I always tell you to have a plan A, B, C, and D you never know….

#mosfearless #breastcancerawareness #survivor

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