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Pink Month

“Pink Month”

After receiving that devastating news, the next thing was my surgeon appointment. The news wasn’t shared with anyone yet… I wanted to know more about my options etc.. before telling my children!

We had a planned trip, my Dr Appt was that morning before we left for Texas. I took a genetic test, learned about the size, location, and treatment options. I went into that appointment and told my surgeon to just cut off both breast! You are keeping my breast wasn’t the priority…living was my priority!

My surgeon said no… if you want me to take them I will but your still young and taking them will not guarantee anything! You see the fact that my cancer wasn’t genetic but was very rare and aggressive meant it can come back no matter what I do with my breast! If it comes back it will come back anywhere…. So that was her reason for saving my breast! Funny thing is these b… are lopsided and I hate wearing bras now! I don’t care what other people think, but I do care what I think! More to come on that… but I received all the information!

Picked up my kids and off to Ray Stovall Jr. wedding we went…. We had a blast!!!!! I didn’t share any new on that trip! I waited until we were back home! I just wanted to enjoy being with my kids and enjoy my bonus sons wedding!

Delivering the news to my kids including my bonus daughter Ja’Nae Thomas...was the hardest thing and that time I felt like it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do… we cried, we were angry, confused and Peppe Johnson was there to comfort the kids! It was hard! Omg 😳 but I told them I wasn’t going anywhere that GOD was going to take care of their Mother! I told them I was going to be the baddest bald headed b… with no breast if it came to that walking! I meant every word! Naturally they wanted to put their lives on hold and I said NO! Live your life while I fight for mine! No more crying after that day it’s time to fight 💪🏽 and trust GOD!

A few pictures from the wedding! We had a blast but my mind was going through many scenarios and dreading that conversation!

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