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Her Clothes

Hmmm yesterday I decided I would organize your things 🥰 I took my time, pulled out each item, a big inhale of your scent, a few tears, and smiles. You still had things that I purchased over 10 years or more ago. Matching PJ’s, shoes, and I also found the hat that you wore on your 1st birthday 🥳!

I have plans for your things. Will said you always talked about helping and wanted me to have some things for our closet. There are things I will never part with, things I will share with your closest friends, things I will keep for your nieces/ and or nephews, things I will return to your brothers.

The hardest part of going through them was yesterday, and now I will enjoy sharing and storing them as the days go on. One day at a time and nothing will be given to anyone that I feel will not cherish as much as I cherished you! 🥰

Mommy’s heart 💜 is broken and as days go on it will heal with all the loving memories you gave us! I will always talk about you, think about you, love you, and miss you! I can’t wait to share memories with your nieces and/or nephews 🤣 I keep saying this for a reason! They will know they had the best Aunt ever imagined ♥️💜

I love you Stink 💃🏻♥️💜🦋🌻 I’m so proud of you and I’m glad that I was able to tell you! It’s amazing to know you’ve given someone everything! To know you never doubted my love for you means the world to me! My goal as a Mother! I made a promise to be the best Mother to my children when I carried your Brother Doug Gay, then Esco Porterfield Jr.….It continues….. people have said they are spoiled , they grown, you do too much! When you know, you know 💪🏽

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