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This evening I tried to design a t shirt for Asthma Awareness month. I have a while to work on it. Your name, the ribbon, but when I put the dates there I couldn’t finish it. I became so sad… I decided to go through the last box I have of your belongings and I found Ginger! The name I gave the wig you wore on your birthday!!!

I never felt like you needed the wigs, twist , or braids. Your hair was like your grandma, Angela Marie Young. Sandy, curly, and thick-fine. When you were born you rubbed a lot of your hair out … crazy baby clowning at an early age! It grew back long, curly, and thick. That I yah yah song I can remember the name but when it came on you were bouncing around working your fingers and toes. Hitting your head up against the couch! Just lol the entire time! Crazy 😜 like your Dad, Peppe Johnson!

Some silly person had the nerve to talk about you! She don’t have no hair 🤣🤣🤣🤣 your Mommy still remembers I don’t forget ish when it comes to my kids! Little did her dumb tail know your hair was going to be down your back! Who talks about a baby?!!! The messy beauty shops smh…. The mess I went through during that time, but you know that song you put me on IDFWU that was perfect for all the messy! Because a …. Ain’t got ish on my Stink not then, not now, not ever…. She probably shouldn’t talk to me for a while I might forget I let that go a long time ago! You bounced around BTW with that hair swinging she was at the games and ate all those words trust me she did Lmaoooooo!

Grieving brings out lots of things you will get the good, the bad, and the ugly! I’m going to always be Mo! I’m going always be a Mother! When it’s time to flow it’s going to flow! Sorry not sorry 💪🏽

#mosfearless #mahshelamommy #mosclosetstore #nobitterbats

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