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Breast Cancer

“Pink Month”

Today I want to encourage you to drop your fear and increase your Faith! I talk to a lot of women who are afraid of the unknown.

I can remember that day like yesterday! I went to receive my results alone because that’s my way most of the time! Walking down a long hall to an empty office at St Johns Hospital! I knew my results were not good before they told me.

We’ve discovered a lump in your right breast and it’s cancer! I’m sitting there in shock not shedding a tear! Give me all the information…my primary doctor had already made the referral to a breast surgeon! Appointment was set and the journey was about to begin.

I went the car and screamed, cried, and then I told GOD I was ready to fight! Fight for my life no more crying! I can’t leave my family!!!

One year between a mammogram is all it took for me to have an aggressive, non-genetic, triple negative breast cancer! Stage 2 to 3 because it had also jumped to the lymph nodes under my right arm!

Early detection will save your life! Go get those boobs checked!

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