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Best Friend

Hmmm probably slept more in the last two days since 8/21 the day I got that call! All my days seem to run together! It’s going fast but slow!

You were in my dreams this morning, but as a toddler! You kept stopping to pick up $1 off the ground it was like a trail of $1 periodically and I kept saying put that down and come on! You would put it down and then pick up the next one 😂. Just like you spoke to all the people in the store and I told you not to talk to strangers!

I kept trying to teach you to read people but you just saw love in everyone. Mahshela Johnson everyone is not your friend! I can’t remember how many times I said that to you! Your brothers said it too! Have you listened to Mama? Lmaoooooo that was just your heart ♥️ so I then had to teach you how to live with limits…. You got it! Your heart was amazing! ♥️💜

Mommy loves you! My daughter…my best friend…forever 23!

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