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Hmmm I have a breast surgeon appointment today….my first thought just cancel it.…I’m tired of looking at dr office , hospitals…. but I know this is important to my life! To keep fighting for the life I have left here. It’s important to stand up and keep pushing through it’s what I do! It’s what I taught you to do!

So here I am sitting in your car headed to not one but two Dr Appt. I decided to go see our primary Dr today. I need her to listen to me. I have some questions about your care. I need to look in her face when I talk to her so she can understand where I’m coming from… maybe she needs to up her game when caring for asthmatic patients. But what she is going to do is fill out this paperwork for me to be off work! No exceptions!!!

I can play out a million scenarios to this situation but the outcome will always be the same. My daughter, my stink, my baby had a severe asthma attack on 8/21 and it caused a Cardiac Arrest. Irreversible Brain Damage, Epileptic seizures that could not be maintained! GOD said no more and took you home! That’s it … that’s all! Hmmm

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